LED linear light is one of the modern,highly attractive and advanced lighting

led retrofit 

Description:LED linear light is one of the modern,highly attractive and advanced lightening fixtures to decorate your home,your workplace,your office etc.these LEDs are widely used for both residential and commercial purposes.they have a very sleek,unique,polished,rich,and intuitive looks.these linear LEDs are designed and developed to replace the traditional and conventional fluorescent light fixtures.they illuminate any place brightly and provide a sophisticated and refreshing ambience.you can use these lights in your indoors or covered area,stairwell,drawing room,garage etc.Also,linear led lights are popularly used in classrooms,commercial purposes,conference rooms,warehouse lightening etc.

LED Panel Light 

these powerful and highly efficient leds save your energy costs and effectively reduce the maintenance cost,repairing and replacement costs,and disposal feels too.and they also have a superior durability and guaranteed long lasting value,they are weatherproof & dustproof and can be used anywhere even in any harsh environments as well.

led strip retrofit kit

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