About advantage of LED shoebox Retrofit kit

over timeincandescent light bulbs have lost their popularity to a new set of lighting fixtures known as LED shoebox fixtures. This is because thanks to technological advancements the LED Retrofit kit have proven to be more effective and adjustable to nearly any environment without causing too much disruption to the established nature of a place.

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What is a LED shoebox Retrofit kit?

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A LED shoebox Retrofit kit is a lighting fixture that assumes the shape of a shoebox They are ideal for open spaces because they produce large amounts of bright lightwhich might be inappropriate for indoor lighting.

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These lighting fixtures are more effective than the traditional bulbs because they use semiconductor material instead of neon and the fragile bulb filament in addition to other more superior technology than that of traditional bulbs.


What are the advantages of usin LED shoebox Retrofit box?


There are numerous of using the LED shoebox Retrofit kitOne great advantage is that these lighting fixtures are environmental friendly. This is especially so because they container neither mercury nor leadtwo heavy metals that are lethal to the environment.also,these lights are small and exceedingly easy to install. What is morethere is so much variety of LED shoebox lights to choose from that they can easily blend in any environment.There are also so many designs to choose from that you wouldn't miss at least one that appeals to you.


Moreoverthese lights are exceptionally efficient.They are several light years ahead of their traditional counterparts in terms of efficiencybecause they consume little energy but produce very bright light.Because they are so efficient these bulbs can burn for a solid 50000 hours before they burn out while incandescent lights can only last 1500 hours.


Besidesthese lights come in many colors from which you can choose. These lights offer such a wide variety of colors because they use LED technology that allows blending of lights hence you get different intensities of the same color.Alsothese LED lights use semiconductor material instead of neon and bulb filaments which makes them stronger and sturdier.Thanks to their strengththese lights work well in any environmenteven highly humid environments without blowing up.


Applications of LED shoebox Retrofit kit


Because this shoebox kit produces so much light it is ideal for outdoor lighting.these lights make goodsecurity lights for your homebusiness premise or even an industry. Alsoled shoebox lights are great for

lighting streets and highways as well as parksinstitutions factories and residential areas.




When it comes to making a choice of what lighting to useparticularly for outdoor purposesLED shoebox retrofit kit are a perfect option. You can save energy andby extensionmoney by using themas well as get you quality lighting for a long time. Moreoveryou are spoilt for choice of design and color with this choice of lightingso you might as well take the chance and switch your lighting to[1ED shoebox  Retrofit kit 1and startenjoying the amazing benefits of the kit