LED high bay light is designed for illuminating a wide range of lighting

LED high bay light is designed for illuminating a wide range of indoor lighting. The lighting fixtures are suitable for applications of 6 Meters (20 feet) or more such as warehouse lighting, storage lighting, maintenance lighting, hanger lighting, and recreation centers. The LED high bay fixtures have specific lighting patterns, improving the safety, efficiency, and productivity.


Of late, the LED high bay lighting has gained acceptance for illumination of larger areas over the traditional High-Intensity Discharge(HID) lighting for some reasons.

 LED Panel Light

Advantages Of  LED High Bay Light

LEDs are one the most stable sources of light as they do not contain arc tubes which can be damaged by vibrations or shock. Light Emitting Diodes have greater lifespans and higher lumen. As a result, the LED fixtures will retain a greater percentage of the initial light for a longer period of time.

 LED Batten Light

Flicker-Free Instant Lighting


Light Emitting Diodes have zero warm-up time, producing 100% light instantly. The instant lighting enhances the use of light controls, further saving on the energy consumption. Also, the output of the LED is not affected by lower temperatures such as food stores. For this reason, the energy consumption remains fairly constant for operating conditions.


Safe Lighting


LED emit minimal UV light and heat hence safe to use. To begin with, the LED fixtures are cool to touch thus suitable for heat sensitive applications. For example, LED IP65 bays can installed without the need for incorporating heat resistant glass. The use of heat-resistant glasses is a potential hazard, more so in food storage locations. Also, the LED lighting are safe for artworks, skin, and clothing owing to the minimal Ultra Violet rays emitted.


Cost Effective

Light Emitting Diode fixtures require little operational maintenance over their lifetime. Consequently, you will not incur replacement and disposal cost with LED lighting fixtures. Moreover, the LED lighting kits are affordable.  

Environmentally Friendly

LED lighting is safe for use as they do not contain mercury like is the case with fluorescent lighting. Mercury is a poisonous substance, affecting renal organs systems, neurological, and gastrointestinal (GI) systems. The mercury content in one fluorescent fixture can contaminate over 30,000 liters of water beyond safe levels for drinking.


But that is not all. LED fixtures produce fewer carbon emissions, converting approximately 80% of energy into light. The efficiency of LED lighting reduces carbon emissions and hence global warming.